The Walking Dead: The Final Season – E3 2018 Teaser Trailer

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season premieres August 14.

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Video Duration: 2:7

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  • I do not write that to say that I think this game is rotten but to be honest, I think it should be improved and add details in it because the introduction recited by Clementine in the first episode is not completely successful because it lacks important choices to make in: Lee and Clementine left to seek help before the night or left at sunset, Lee tried to save Shawn or saved Duck, supported Larry to put Duck out or Kenny to keep him, rescued Doug or Carley, agreed or refused to go to the St John Brothers' farm, helped Kenny kill Larry or Lilly to save him, killed one of the St John brothers, killed every 2 or spared them, stole the provisions of the abandoned car or left them in, left Lilly or kept it, killed Duck, let Kenny do it or left it in the woods, took Clémentine with him and the group to Crawford or told him to stay with Omid, killed Molly, let him die or tried to shoot for Clementine to save him, allowed Clementine to vote for Ben or refused, (If we take him to Crawford) voted for Ben to stay or for whether he left or abstained, dropped Ben or saved him, went to save Clementine alone, with a 1 or 2 of the group: Kenny, Omid, Christa or Ben or with the whole group, cut off the arm, (If we leave to save Clementine alone) told someone of the group to do it or kept his bite, tried to save Ben or let him die, (While he can stay alive if one chooses to tell him to get on the balcony first or after him, Kenny, Omid or Christa) (If saved to Crawford) killed the unknown or spared him for Clementine to kill him, told Clementine handcuffed him or handcuffed the ranger, told him to find a group, to find Omid and Christa or to trust no one, told him also to never stay in the same place, not to approach cities or to keep hair short and to kill or let it change, Clementine burned Lee's photo, his Kenny drawing and his family or the wood, ran away or helped Christa to run away, killed the dog or let it die, asked Luke, Nick, Pete, Carlos, Alvin or Rebecca to believe her for her bite on the arm, asked Alvin or not to find him enough to nurse her arm, accepted or refused to become friends with Sarah, accepted or refused Nick's excuses, gave the dying man water or gave him nothing to give to Pete, (Si we run away with him) ran away with Nick or Pete, (Depending on who we fly with) left Pete in the truck or tried to find the band with him to say goodbye to Nick, (If we leave with him) or left Nick in the hut or tried to convince him to find the group with her, (If we run away with him) lied to Sarah by telling him his father was okay or he and the others went fishing or told him the truth in him that everyone was gone or that Pete was dead, accepted or refused to teach him to defend himself with a gun, has open to Carver or tried to lock the door, sat down with Luke or Kenny, lied to Walter about Matthew's death or told him the truth, told him that Nick was like the others or convinced her to forgive him by saying that he was a good guy, went with Alvin and Rebecca or went to get Kenny and Luke, told Kenny to shoot or stopped him to save Alvin, cut off his weeds or helped Sarah to cut hers, helped Carlos to immobilize Sarita or tried to help Kenny, let Alvin die by asking him if he could hold them back or give him his gun or tried to save him in him saying to flee with her, (If we save him by telling Kenny to stop shooting or kissing his rifle) watched Kenny kill Carver or went out with Sarita, cut off Sarita's hand or killed the ranger who bit him, left Sarah or saved her, took the water for Rebecca crawling through the window of the booth or telling Mike to break the door, stole Arno's sack or return it to him, saved Jane or told her to try to save Sarah, (While she can stay alive if she stays with Kenny and Rebecca while the others take care of the prowlers if she is saved at the caravan park and if it was possible, she would leave with Mike, Bonnie and Arvo because of Kenny) held AJ in his arms or refused, left with the group the day after Rebecca's delivery or told Kenny to let her rest for a few days, killed Rebecca or warned the group of her transformation, saved AJ during the attack from the Russians or went under cover with Luke, tried to rescue Luke or covered him, let Kenny hit Arvo or the stopped, accepted or refused to leave with Mike, Bonnie, Arvo and Sarah, (As I wrote from if Jane is told to save her or not) killed Kenny or let Jane die, is left alone or with Kenny or Jane, (According to whom one saves.) Stayed with Kenny or Wellington with AJ, (If it is saved and that one leaves with him) or said to the family to leave or let in, (If Jane is saved and we leave with her) accepted or refused Ava's offer to join the new border, to administer the medicine to AJ or did not did not take the risk of doing it, left AJ or fought for him, Javi killed Rufus or let him run away, found an excuse for Clementine or told the truth to Tripp, he and Clémentine are gone to find Kate, Gabe and Mariana with Eleanor or Tripp, Javi stayed with Clementine to fight back or fled with her family, went down to save Francine, or opened fire, tied up Jesus or trusted him, killed Conrad or gave him Clementine, told the group to keep his arms or lower them, gave Conrad a weapon or gave him nothing, argna) opened to David or did not do it, killed Badger, told Conrad to do it, (If we save him and give him a weapon) or let him transform himself, killed Max or brought him to Joan, took Kate and Gabe to David's home or told them to leave Richmond with him, killed Dr. Lingard or spared him, accepted or refused to share Kate's feelings, chose to save Ava or Tripp, killed Joan or chose to leave Richmond with David and the others, accepted or refused to forgive Eleanor or told her that she deserved it, agreed or not to cut her hand from Rufus or told Fern to seek Eleanor's advice as a doctor, (If one spares Rufus) showed David his love or affair for Kate, fought with David or refused, left save Prescott with Kate or went to save Gabe with Clementine (If we decide to separate) and told Clementine to leave AJ alone or bring him back when she asks him if he read i will learn baseball if they come back to Richmond.

    Nicolas Cornille
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • That scene was never there there was one close to it in Clem and AJ room but that never happened

    Transformers 1
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • This season was extremely disappointing tbh. E1 was fantastic, E2 was horrible, E3 was fantastic but E4 ruined it by not having the choices their matter. E4 was good but it had so many plot holes and a terrible ending. S1 and S2 were amazing. S3 and 4 had so many issues I kind of wish they weren't canon and they started over after S2

    Mr. Gamer
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • I really enjoyed season 4, but nothing ever made me feel what i felt watching this teaser for the first time.

    Idk, i think it could've be better…

    Lucas Marchesi
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • plz lee should return

    shashi naik
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • Could this be foreshadowing

    Posted February 8, 2020
  • Holy fuck why am I here after episode 3?

    Walker Twd
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • Anyone here during Ep 3

    Xxgamerxx Yut
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • No you are not going to get bit

    lit man have no kids 247 YouTube all day
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • when clementine said now what do you do if I get bit, I literally got chills down my back.

    Posted February 8, 2020
  • I cried when Kenny got fucked over. Family gone, everything gone. I cried, i… cried.

    Brendon Blase
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • know this is out of the Question but it would be so cool if Clementine sees lee agin in heaven or if she’s goses back to him and says good bye and walks off in to the distance with Aj with a sun set aww it would be so sad or if clementine gets bit and says the same thing to Aj what lee said to Clementine and then she dies and see lee agin awww I can’t help it it could be anything I just hope it’s a good and sad kinda ending xxx

    Abbi lewis
    Posted February 8, 2020

    Posted February 8, 2020
  • that is some foreshadowing that i will NOT like

    Posted February 8, 2020
  • I feel like clem dying would be a underwhelming end, bc by her surviving with aj it would be like her learning from lees mistake and being better for it in order to stay with aj

    Miranda Pituka
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • If Clem gets bit I'm gonna hate Telltale

    Alex Mythen
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • When you think of Lee
    Fandom: Urban Legend.

    salty AJ
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • YASS i alway wanted to saw how this gonna end

    Kaycin - Studio
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • I really love this series and those rules got me into tears

    Clive Zaragoza
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • I think this might be leaked gameplay of episode 3 titled Broken Toys

    Ethan Blair
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • The game we'll never get to play.

    Posted February 8, 2020
  • Annnd Now it’s Cancelled

    They Hate The Truth
    Posted February 8, 2020
  • There's only 3 people I like in the walking dead game. Lee, Clementine, and Kenny. If only they both were still alive..

    Posted February 8, 2020
  • Please don't do this to our Clem… :'(

    Posted February 8, 2020

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