The Division 2 | When a "TOP" Clan Stream snipes you.. Occupied Dark Zone

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This video is edited by fragzy, let me know what you think about it.
So as soon as I got into ODZ and first landmark that player showed up, so instant sniped and he invited the rest of his group. no matter where we went they followed, since my intent was to farm and try my new sniper pve build it was quite annoying. anyway, loner dc’d so we were like only 2 since sleepy was gonna come later, we fight as 3 vs their 4 man group and server and loner comes in later. we end up farming them despite them using the smg build with shield and drone lol. they leave the server and comes in in chat and are mad I was not solo. I guess they want to 4v1 stream snipe me. hope you guys enjoy the video, hopefully, pvp gets better soon.
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Video Duration: 11:26

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  • edited by fragzy
    I dont play much pvp because the meta is really boring to me, defender drone are stupid specially combined with my smg build and shield. So I been focusing on farming and guides, I was gonna get footage for my sniper pve build here but instantly got sniped before even clearing the landmark lol. So decided to fight them even tho they play the cheesiest build in the patch.
    So they streamsnipes and then comes to my twitch chat and cries when we are 3 , I geuss they wanted that 4v1 streamsnipe with smg build, defender drone and shield. OMEGALUL

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I like D2's DZ pvp. 🙂

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • You see im a medic, and when I see a gank 😤😤😤😤 boi im swiching sides and healing the bois that are being harassed. Your rogue and being out numbered 😤😤😤😤 I got your back even if you kill me 15 times cuz I know your jusy trying to survive.75k healing, 9 rounds TheCultOfTraps got your back.

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • The shield drone is the new shock turret

    Dingle McKringleberry
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I’m just an avg player who play s division with my daughter , so I don’t play PVP as I would get destroyed. I would like too but when I do I run into teams like you and tell me I’m trash( which I am) lol. I enjoy your video Widdz, keep up the great work.

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • The complaining just doesn't stop.

    Russell Charlton
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • It’s good to know I’m not the only one who shoots people with Chem launchers

    joey manning
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Gay build 🙂

    Obanks 96
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Your playing style sucks that’s all

    Justin Mitch
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • lol spawn killer nice gameplay 🙁

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • TD2 is one big SIMS game with guns. Its perfect for people with OCD. The game is DULL!

    J H
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • why don't put a delay on your stream? a few seconds should be enough.

    Mr Z
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • My clan in TD2–> ROGUE SPAIN

    Hugo Fernandez
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Are you really sore about being shot while in the menu…? In the darkzone?!

    What did you expect? Did you think they’d be like «oh shit, he’s in the menu, better wait for him to be ready…» 😂

    Get real

    CMDR BouncyStickman
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Your checkpoint camping they melted you away from checkpoint

    david hatton
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • i can never go to the occupied dark zone without seeing a clan anymore. it's 4 man groups and sometimes it's that stupid to this extent where i see groups of 5 or more actually. clearing landmarks together.

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • the pvp looks the same shite as pvp in Div1. running around in circles like headless chickens spraying and praying. Its so boring to watch and play. I thought div2 was gonna be different, Lets hope they really put skill tech up as the new meta. might force people to play more cover focused and tactical. Instead of this circus of shite. That being said Widdz i enjoy ur build vids and other content. This pvp just isnt for me

    Slippy Slippy
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I pooped

    Bruh Moment
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • division2 is sucks dude i still like TD1

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • 1. widds makes the video with meta OP build with smg.
    2. runs around in pvp zone and gets rekt by guys using the same meta
    3. immediately switches his previous build he was runnig to his OP one to show em who' the boss
    4. still get rekt half of the time, cause with this meta its just 50/50% who will die first
    Widds build is great, but it ruined the whole pvp there, and UBISOFT make the same mistake they did in the first part of the game – they dont try to solve the game problems as quickly as possible. (the first game had 1/3 of players left the game cause of cheaters on PC servers, and they only made id permaban when half of the players population left; the second game does the same shit – devs dont change or nerf options to meta build.

    Delta IV
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • whats your build

    Lil Schizo
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • How can you say they have no talent? They floored you several times

    Eric Brown
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • he says no skill smg build as he plays smg build LUL

    Vlad T
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • i just wonder why are u rocking the non stock vector or is it that you have a non extended mag on that build?

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • milfurion has the big gay

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • i like how you don't show when one of them 1v4 you 🙂 and you guys camped them at checkpoint. how low ( still like your videos tho )

    Mikkel Larsen
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Why can I not ever find people in the dark zone? I was wondering if it was because I’m only lvl 25 and most are past 30. But idk

    christian higgins
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Yea it also takes no skill when you use the OP pvp build that's all over the internet

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • PVE cry babies from division 1 ruined the pvp for this game. Normalization is ok but imo I feel that it doesn’t belong in the dz.

    Glory Days31
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • That is not pvp – that is griefing at spawnpoint – ahh i saw you backed out, thats good style 😉

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • imagine being able to sponge a whole mag of 30-40 bullets while only having ur head visible to shoot and still losing the gunfight. And ontop of that doing it on streamand also now on youtube for 53k people to see lmfao. PRO clan my arse.

    Timothy Sharrocks
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • So this was before the patch on Friday? Cause look at ur heals!

    Nick Jeffrey
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I cannot stop visualizing a full deployment of soldiers fkn serpentine Sprinting all over the Battlefield. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to shoot them cuz I'd be LOLLING so Hard!

    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I think I used to play with @kingmacho when he was still on xbox. We used to run players through the incursions.

    Ry McFly
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • Hey how do I get that beret?

    Guido Ferrari
    Posted April 18, 2019
  • I like that transition at 1:06. Editor did a really good job. Props mate.

    Posted April 18, 2019

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