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"Captain America" Remastered Level 40 Endgame TANK/DPS Build – The Division 2

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Video Duration: 10:2

Path of Exile 3.10 – Fire Wild Strike Build – Chieftain Marauder – Delirium PoE 2020

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Build Menu:

01:40 – Equipment
06:09- My Gameplay Gear
07:48 – Enchantments
08:02 – Anointments
08:14 – Attributes
08:25 – Cosmetics
08:53 – Gems
09:43 – Showcase
11:05 – Skill Tree
12:26 – Ascendancy
13:00 – Pantheon
13:21 – Jewels
14:17 – Bandits
14:34 – Leveling
17:40 – Possible Questions
18:27 – Complete Gameplay

Music: Thor’s Hammer by Ethan Meixsell


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Video Duration: 20:11

They BUFFED the Hemlok and it Shreds! – PS4 Apex Legends Season 4

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Today we are playing some more Apex Legends Season 4! With this new season came the changing of many of the guns in Apex Legends, the single-fire Hemlok being one of them. They increased the fire rate so you can use this gun at closer ranges in single fire mode and shred. I hope you guys enjoy the season 4 gameplay!

Music used:

Run – Ross Bugden:


Thanks for watching!



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Video Duration: 19:1