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The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories – Official Launch Trailer | Gamescom 2018

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The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories is an action-adventure game coming soon to PlayStationยฎ4, Nintendo Switchโ„ข, Xbox One, and Steam.

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Holy Relic 2mil Shaper DPS BUDGET Build Guide Showcase | Path of Exile

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Hey guys,

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this Holy Relic Summoner Build!

PoB: https://pastebin.com/uE5zqU81

My build list: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1686036

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About Path of Exile:

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. We’re a small independent team of hardcore gamers based in New Zealand and have created Path of Exile as the game that we’d want to play ourselves. It is designed around a strong barter-based online item economy, deep character customisation, competitive PvP and ladder races. The game is completely free and will never be “pay to win”.

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This Gun is a MELT MACHINE! – PS4 Apex Legends

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