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Righteous Chieftain – detailed build guide – Path of Exile (3.8 Blight)

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Righteous Fire after changes feel great. Guardians and Shaper went fine. Enough damage for blighted maps but it is not that good for blighted encounters in general. Pretty cheap build, could be starter with some cheaper items, only need up to 5 link Carcass Jack armour. Overall very happy with this build and would recommend.

—–Time stamps—–
04:14 Inpulsa’s interaction
05:27 items
9:31 leveling items (also see previous video)
10:14 skills and links
12:05 anointed mods
12:49 passive
15:12 pantheon powers
16:05 next build

—–Passive tree and PoB (click then copy link)—–
PoB import: https://pastebin.com/Mg9uiwJS

Ascendancy: Chieftain
Bandits: help Oak (regen and some mitigation or get 2 passives, doesn’t matter that much)

Auras and buffs: Malevolence, Purity of Fire, Summon Skitterbots.

Items: Carcass Jack (or Inpulsa’s Broken Heart). Rise of the Phoenix. The Devouring Diadem. Watcher’s Eye (Malevolence – recovery rate). The Consuming Dark (cheap weapon, can upgrade later).

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I Made My Own Gold R99 and it Wasn't Fair… – PS4 Apex Legends

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